How it works

While you sleep you may think your body is resting, but in fact your brain is very active and requires a constant supply of energy during the night. Benenox Overnight Recharge, when taken before bed, supplements your body’s stored energy levels to support good quality sleep.

Benenox replenishes glycogen

Your brain needs glycogen to carry out essential overnight repairs! From the time you finish dinner to the time you go to bed, your body consumes 10 grams of glycogen per hour. This doesn’t stop when you go to sleep. By the morning, you glycogen stores are running on empty!

Your morning WITHOUT Benenox

Without Benenox, your glycogen levels will become depleted whilst you sleep. As the body searches for more glycogen, sleep is disrupted. You may not be aware but your body remains restless, impacting the quality of your sleep. You’ll wake up feeling groggy with no energy to take on the day.

Your morning WITH Benenox

Taking 15ml of Benenox before bed tops up your glycogen levels so that you can carry on sleeping peacefully through the night. No waking up due to a ‘fuel crisis’. You wake up feeling refreshed and recharged!

Don’t take our word for it

See what hundreds of customers are saying about our “little bottle of magic.”

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“Love Benenox, keeps me focused and driven during the day, which as a nurse, is essential.”

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“Benenox has changed my life completely! It has dramatically improved my quality of sleep and I have more energy as well.”

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“After taking Benenox, I get back to sleep in no time if I wake up during the night. Getting out of bed in the morning isn't a problem anymore and I don’t feel tired at all.”

The Benenox Effect

In a study of 140 consumers who took Benenox at bedtime each night for one week:


were more effective at work


had better sleep quality


had improved concentration


felt less tired

Three main ingredients

A combination of honey, Sustamine® and Vitamin B6 that boosts your stored energy levels to aid good quality sleep. So you feel fully recharged and ready to take on the day.

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Natural honey

A source of energy

Honey has the perfect blend of fructose and glucose to support your liver’s vital role in managing your body’s energy supply. Your liver turns these two sugars into a supply of glycogen which your brain needs to allow it to repair and restore mental function at night. With an adequate supply of glycogen, your brain won’t think that you’re running on empty and trigger a fuel crisis, waking you up in the early hours. And that means you are more likely to enjoy a better, more restorative night’s sleep.

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Energy during sleep

Sustamine is a dipeptide that slows down digestion, allowing your liver to store even more glycogen. Basically, although you’re fasting while you sleep, the glycogen stored in your liver will still be available to fuel the glial cells in your brain. These cells provide nutrients and oxygen to support your network of nerve cells and fibres, helping them to transmit impulses between all the different parts of your body.

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Vitamin B6

Supports the mind

Vitamin buffs know that B6 has some amazing benefits. It helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue, supports your mental function, and helps with that all-important energy production. It can help you to feel refreshed and revitalised from the moment you throw off the duvet, helping you feel more energised so you can perform at your best.

Taking 15ml of Benenox before bedtime, neat or diluted with hot water, can complement your diet and promote healthy sleep.

Where to buy

Benenox Overnight Recharge, the extraordinary new night time mindfuel for people with places to go, things to do and lives to live. A vegetarian friendly food supplement which comes in two flavours – Blackcurrant and Lemon & Ginger and is available from the locations below.