An evening of mindfuel


In November, we invited six inspirational speakers to take to the stage and challenge the mental and creative abilities of our enthusiastic audience. The evening was a brilliant success and covered a wide variety of topics on our theme of GO. DO. BE - from talks on how to win arguments to how to improvise your way to the top - with a few dance moves thrown in for good measure. Really!

At the end of the night, everyone felt mentally recharged and could think more quickly on their feet. Anyone would think they’d been taking Benenox.


Meet our six speakers

“How to Improvise your Way to the Top ”

The former high-wire window cleaner, tailor, poet, now performer, TEDx talker and coach will demonstrate how we can use a little in-the-moment improvisation to adapt and succeed in any situation. including how it can help conversations flow much better.

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Now is your moment

We all have our moments. If you think you’ve done something that puts the rest in the shade, share it with us. The best images we upload will win a month’s supply of Benenox – and bragging rights on our gallery.

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