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The way you feel about life depends on a range of different physical, mental, and emotional factors. You’ll feel at your healthiest and happiest when they’re all in exactly the right balance. We’ve got some great tips to help you get in the zone.

Did you know?

Most people actually have issues with sleep, but don’t even realise it.

Discover your sleep persona

Let’s start with your body clock

Are you a wide-awaker or catch-you-later? Your biological clock controls the circadian rhythms that decide whether you’re a morning or an evening person. It’s affected by things like body temperature, the stress hormone cortisol, mental alertness, and intelligence. Take this quick quiz to see which type you are.

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The five secrets to a great night’s sleep

1 in 5 people complain that they sleep poorly. Explore these topics to see how you could get the kind of great night’s sleep that others can only dream of.

Replace after 7-10 years!

No, not your partner, your mattress. You spend a third of your life on your mattress, so treat yourself to a new one regularly.

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See what hundreds of customers are saying about our “little bottle of magic.”

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“Love Benenox, keeps me focused and driven during the day, which as a nurse, is essential.”

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“Benenox has changed my life completely! It has dramatically improved my quality of sleep and I have more energy as well.”

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“After taking Benenox, I get back to sleep in no time if I wake up during the night. Getting out of bed in the morning isn't a problem anymore and I don’t feel tired at all.”

The Benenox Effect

In a study of 140 consumers who took Benenox at bedtime each night for one week:


were more effective at work


had better sleep quality


had improved concentration


felt less tired