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5 Hacks To Get Your Bedroom Ready For Winter

We’ve had an amazing summer in the UK this year, however it is now time to make sure that you are prepared for the change in season, for the temperatures to drop, the leaves to start falling and the days to become shorter!

It’s time to say hello and welcome to cosy Autumn evenings, curled up in bed, binge watching Netflix, and whipping out your favourite fluffy socks.

Making sure that your home is warm and toasty is a must during the cooler times of the year and although it can be tempting to keep the heating on, it’s not great for your bank balance or for the environment.

Read on for 5 hacks on how to gear up your bedroom ready for the colder months. Not only will you save a few pennies, but your home will be more eco-friendly too – bonus!

1. New Season, New Sheets

Is there anything more satisfying than crawling into bed with a fresh set of clean bedding? Treat yourself to a completely new set this season - and not just the covers, but your actual duvet and pillows too.

If you get cold during this time of the year, find duvet covers made of a material like flannelette or (if you’re feeling extravagant) goose feather. Feather duvets are extra insulating to keep all the cold air out. For your bedsheets, we recommend opting for rich plum, maroon or brown colour for a cosy vibe. Or if you fancy something a little more vibrant; mustard yellow and oranges are the must-have colours this season.

2. Dress It Up

Now that you have your duvet selection down to a tee, it’s time to dress it up with a few extra throws and cushions. Layers in winter are not only for your wardrobe, layering your bed with different textures will make your bed look and feel warmer, cosier and more inviting after a long day.

You might also want to invest in a top cover or bed throw, as not only does this add extra warmth when you go to sleep, but they are perfect for dragging downstairs for cuddling up on the couch too! When searching for the perfect throw, look for more insulating materials - who doesn’t love a faux fur throw?

3. Shine A Light

Heading to work when it’s still dark outside, then leaving the office in the pitch black isn’t the best part of November. Throw in the colder weather too, and it can become quite depressing.

To cheer you up when you get home, why not deck your bedroom out with golden toned fairy lights and light a few candles for extra flare. Flooding your room with little luxuries like flickers of light and autumnal fragrances, are a great way of lightening up both your evening and your spirits.

A top tip would be to always have a bedside table lamp too, so you don’t have to leave your warm bed to turn the light off before sleeping.

4. Drafts Be Gone

It’s time to draft proof your bedroom. The most efficient method is to light a small tea light and run it along any doors or windows. When you see the flame flickering, that’s where the draft is… clever, right? A stylish way to get rid of any window drafts you have may have is to block the air pockets with thick and heavy curtains - make sure they match your new bed sheets!

Although you might want to save energy, before it gets too cold it’s worth turning your heating on and checking that all of your radiators warm up properly. If your radiators aren’t working, give your engineer a call before they get busy over winter. If only one or two of your radiators aren’t working properly, just bleed them, which releases any air that is trapped in the system and should get them all working efficiently again.

5. Look After Yourself

So you’ve done everything you can to banish the cold from your room, but don’t forget to look after yourself too. The internet is flooded with gorgeous pyjama sets this time of the year, and don’t feel bad about spending on PJ’s - you spend half your life in them!

Finally, if you have wooden floors in your bedroom we suggest laying down a couple of rugs to protect your poor feet from the cold floor in the morning. Not only will your feet thank you for it, but it will add a touch of style to your decor too. Don’t forget a pair of warm, comfy slippers too.


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