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7 Ways to Stay Productive Whilst Working from Home

As more of us work from home you might be wondering how to stay productive during the day. If you’re not used to life working from home, the struggle to create a routine and stick to it can be quite intimidating. You might feel tempted to stay in your pyjamas, get distracted by family members or housemates, or give in to those chores you’ve been avoiding whilst emails pour in. But we promise, working from home has its perks! 

If you’re struggling to stay productive whilst working from home, check out some of our top tips to make the most of your days. 

Work normal hours

It's easy to lose track of time when you’re working from home — the hours seem to fly by! Whilst you can make the most of not having to commute, it is easy to want to spend that time checking emails. If you try to maintain normal working hours, you’ll be more likely to have a productive and successful day. 

If you find yourself getting distracted by daily chores during your workday from home, try using that time you would commute to finish up the dishes, play a game with your children, or watch a quick episode from your favourite Netflix series. Make sure you have as few distractions as possible during your workday. So turn the TV off and find somewhere quiet to work, away from family or housemates who may be doing other things. 

Pick a space that works for your needs

Try your best not to work in bed. Getting up, making your bed and getting ready (just like any other morning) will help you feel more like you’re starting your day. Do whatever you can to help you feel more awake — whether it’s taking a shower, changing out of your pyjamas, or making a cup of coffee. 

Get creative with your workspace if you can — feel free to design or decorate your desk any way you like (you’re working from home, you’re the boss)! Try adding some plants to your workspace to help bring the outside in, or some bright flowers to make your desk space feel cheerier. It’s also important to make sure you have a supportive chair to work at, so you can concentrate on working rather than being uncomfortable sitting on a sofa or an old chair. 

Whilst you need to pick a space that's suitable for your working needs, it’s important that you differentiate your working space to where you relax. If you spend your evenings relaxing on the sofa or in bed, don’t work in these areas. This will also help to keep a work/life balance. 

Stick to a routine

Just like you have your routine at work, it will help you to stay more productive at home if you stick to a schedule. Do you find that your mind jumps all over the place during your workday? Try making a list in the morning of all the things you aim to get done that day and create a routine surrounding that to-do list. 

Don’t forget to add in some time in your routine to get outside, check-in with family or friends, or do something you enjoy to break up your day! 

Stay connected with co-workers

Working from home can feel more productive when you’re not regularly interacting with your co-workers, but there are downsides to spending your workdays completely alone. Working from home can make you feel cut off from the hustle and bustle of the office, but it's important to feel connected to your team.

Remember — you’re working from home, not another planet. Interacting with your co-workers and other people during the day is allowed. When you wish you could talk about the weekend with your co-workers over a cuppa, book in a video chat with your favourite work pals to see how they’re doing (yes — even if you don’t have a meeting scheduled). Share your funniest work from home moments of the day, give each other music suggestions, or get some advice on that big project you’re working on! 

Take breaks

Whether you’re at work or working from home, breaking up your workday is essential in order to keep productive. Are you scheduling breaks to keep your mind sharp? We should all aim to take breaks every 90 minutes, as that is the length of time we can stay the most productive before losing focus. 

When you’re taking your breaks, try to also take a break from your screens (that means no scrolling through social media). Crack open that book you’ve been meaning to read, take a walk, or start a puzzle.

Sign off

Don’t forget to log off at the end of your workday. It can be tempting to keep working well into the evening to finish “one last thing” on your to-do list. When you’re in a relaxing environment like your home, it can be hard to keep track of time. 

Try setting an alarm at the end of the day to indicate that your typical workday is coming to an end. You don’t have to stop working at exactly that time, it’ll just be a notification to wrap things up! 

Get plenty of sleep

The key to being productive during the day is getting a good night's sleep the night before. Making sure you get a good quality of sleep is important so you can wake up feeling ready to tackle your workday. If you’re having trouble turning your brain off when you’re going to sleep and can’t stop thinking about that big project, supply your brain with the energy it needs to feel refreshed in the morning. 

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