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Can painting your bedroom this colour really help to reduce your blood pressure?

We spend a third of our lives in our bedrooms, so it’s no wonder we agonise over the best way to decorate. Should we choose our favourite colour? Or a relaxing colour to help get a better night’s sleep?

If we asked you to consider whether or not colours can provoke emotions, perhaps you would say that red stimulates anger, or that yellow promotes happiness – and you’d be correct. But do colours have more power than this? And does the colour we paint our bedrooms not only have an effect on how we feel, but also on how we sleep and our general health too?


Is it a good night’s sleep you’re looking for? If you have trouble switching off at bed time, then a lick of blue paint might be the answer.

Trusty hotel chain, Travelodge, carried out an experiment to discover the most suitable colour for their hotel rooms. The results? Guests who slept in a blue room slept longer than visitors who slept in rooms of any other colour, getting almost 8 hours of shut eye on average.

Blue is synonymous with peace, serenity and tranquillity. Think about it: what’s more relaxing than lying under a clear blue sky and cloud gazing? Or looking out over a still ocean? In nature, blue is the colour of calm.

There’s even evidence to suggest that blue can slow your heart rate, which in turn relaxes your mind and lowers your blood pressure – bonus!


If blue isn’t your thing, and you’d prefer something a little brighter in your bedroom, yellow could be the colour to opt for. A yellow tone mimics the sunshine and leaves your bedroom feeling warm, cosy and cheery.

Vibrant colours, like yellow, can stimulate your nervous system and increase your metabolism, ultimately giving you an energy boost. Just what you need for those early mornings when you need a little help getting out of bed.


Blue is too cold. Yellow is too warm. Is green just right?

Combine the calming effects of blue and the mood boosting effects of yellow and you might have just found your perfect bedroom hue.

From the leaves on the trees, to the grass on the ground: nature is full of this beautiful shade. If your bedroom is feeling stale, freshen it up with a coat of harmonious green. It symbolises growth, safety and security, which might explain why it’s believed to diffuse anxiety and reduce stress – what could be better for your sleep sanctuary?


If the thought of a neutral shade in your bedroom makes you yawn, how about something a little more exciting? Luxurious purple is said to encourage creativity – perfect if your bedroom doubles as an office space or an art studio – and can help stimulate mental activity.

If purple is your thing, but you’d rather not be kept up all night by dramatic walls, try a softer alternative like lavender or lilac. These lighter shades can be accessorised with white or blue to create a calming space for a peaceful night’s sleep.


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