Thursday, 1st March

It’s Time To Reinvent Your Sleep Routine

Did you know Britons’ are said to be some of the worst sleepers in the world? In-fact, 70% of Brits don’t get the recommended 8 hours a night. And it’s not just about the amount of sleep we get, it’s how we feel the next day too. One study found that the average Brit only feels ‘on-form’ for 4.5 hours a day.

As our lives get busier and we’re faced with more distractions than ever before (I promise I’m not on Instagram again!) our quality of sleep is drastically reducing. Plus, when it comes to priorities, sleep is often way down on our list; with work, children, socialising and exercising taking its place.

To celebrate Sleep Awareness Week and National Bed Month, we’ve launched our very own Sleep Detox. Why? Because we want people to stop and take some time to get their sleeping routine back on track. A healthy sleep routine enables you to go, do and be the best you can be.

What is the Sleep Detox?

To take part you’ll need to allocate a two week period where you’ll spend one week doing exactly as you have been doing, and the second week following a few simple changes – tracking a few things along the way. At the end of the two weeks you should notice not only an improvement in your sleep routine, but also feel more energised and focused the next day.

What will I have to change during the second week?

  • Avoid all distractions 30 minutes before you want to go to sleep. That includes mobile phones and laptops!
  • Stay away from caffeinated drinks after 5pm.
  • Take a spoonful of Benenox Overnight Recharge each night before bed.

What is Benenox Overnight Recharge?

Benenox Overnight Recharge is the extraordinary night time mindfuel for those who struggle with disrupted sleep, low energy and concentration levels the following day. It’s made of natural honey to support your liver and effectively manage energy supply; sustamine to slow digestion, allowing your liver to store more glycogen; and vitamin B6 to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Taking 15ml of Benenox before bedtime, neat or diluted with hot water, can complement your diet and promote healthy sleep.

Find out more about the mindfuel.


How do I take part?

You can sign-up to the Sleep Detox or simply find out more about each step. When you sign-up we’ll ask you a few quick questions to get you into the right mindset and to help us understand your current sleeping routine. Everyone who applies will get a Sleep Detox tracker, but fifty lucky participants will also get a Sleep Detox kit including a week’s worth of Benenox Overnight Recharge.

Interested? Apply for the Sleep Detox today.


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