Thursday, 1st March

Mood Boosting Fragrances You Already Have At Home

When it comes to sleep, fragrances can be a powerful thing.

So how does it work?

Any fragrance that makes you happy can help to promote sleep. Your olfactory system is directly linked to the emotional centre in your brain—so when you sniff something that brings back a good memory (like apple pie) or makes you feel excited and full of anticipation (like sunscreen) your body releases feel-good, relaxing chemicals that can set the stage for great sleep.

Once you’ve found your sleep-enhancing scent, bring it into your bedroom. Buying a fragrant candle is an easy way to add fragrance to your space (just be sure to blow it out before your head hits the pillow!) You could also put a few drops of essential oil into a spray bottle with water and gently mist your pillow before bed, or sprinkle a few drops of scent onto a cloth and tuck it under your pillow. Sweet dreams!

And it’s not just getting to sleep where fragrances can help. They can actually be really effective as energy boosters too. Here’s a few you could try if you find yourself feeling sluggish during the day...


Not that we’re giving you permission to have a lemon daiquiri for breakfast, but the sharp, sweet fragrance of citrus fruits also wakes up your body. Citrus scents can boost your body’s production of serotonin – a hormone that makes you happy – whilst also reducing levels of the stress hormone, Norepinephrine.


Cinnamon is a common herb known for its health benefits, including lowering blood sugar levels and even reducing the chance of developing heart disease. But did you know that it can also help to reduce fatigue and increase concentration? While this spicy scent isn’t for everyone, there’s something warming and homely about it – perfect as a candle on a cold, winter’s day.


Peppermint has amazing health benefits - from reducing mental stress to improving concentration – but the smell of peppermint can also be a real booster when you’re not feeling so great. If you’re feeling a little sluggish, pour yourself a hot cup of peppermint tea and take a deep inhale – not only can it boost energy but it’s great for circulation, tension and stress too.


Highly aromatic, the scent of rosemary is reminiscent of a classic herb garden and is a cool, crisp and woody scent. Often underestimated and overlooked as a fragrance, rosemary is easily accessible and affordable. A quick sniff can help with memory retention, headaches and fatigue.

So next time you’re wondering how to quickly drop off to sleep, or you’re in need of an early morning energy boost, why not try out some fresh herbs, candles or incense?


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