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Organise Your Way To A Great Night’s Sleep

Is your bedroom more of a dumping ground than a sleep sanctuary? If you have to kick discarded laundry out of the way to reach the bed, or push aside dirty plates and old water bottles to reach your alarm clock, then the answer is probably yes.

Most of us are guilty of letting our bedrooms become untidy, especially since it’s one of the few rooms in the home guests don’t see. Why hang up clean clothes in the wardrobe when it’s so easy to leave them hanging on the back of a chair until tomorrow? The reality is, your cluttered bedroom could be stopping you from catching those all important Zs at bedtime.

A study, carried out at St Lawrence University in New York, discovered that an unorganised bedroom can have a detrimental effect on your sleep, and could even increase anxiety. The heightened levels of stress brought on by a messy environment make dropping off to sleep extra difficult, leaving you feeling sleep deprived the next morning and even less likely to clean up – it’s a vicious cycle, but here’s a few tips to help you snap out of it.

Make the bed

Look, we know you’re busy in the morning. We know finding time to just eat a spoonful of cereal without missing your train seems impossible sometimes, but we promise this little change can make all the difference. It only takes 20 seconds to straighten out your duvet and pillows, so you could do it while the kettle is boiling for your morning cup of tea or while the shower is warming up. A tidy bed will have a dramatic effect on the overall appearance of your bedroom and will make climbing into bed in the evening seem much more appealing –because let’s face it, no one wants to crawl under a crumpled ball of duvet covers.

Plus, research has shown that starting your day off by making the bed can lead to a more productive day overall. Get the small tasks done and the big tasks don’t seem so daunting, after all.

Wash the sheets

The National Sleep Foundation found that 3 in 4 people claim to get a better night’s sleep when their bedding is clean. Try to put your bed linen through the wash on a weekly basis, to kill any lurking dust mites and leave your sheets smelling fresh.

There’s nothing more enticing than a clean bed, right? Opt for a lavender scented washing conditioner to heighten the sleep-inducing effects.

Deal with the laundry

Does your bedroom have carpets? Or laminate flooring? Who knows – you can’t see the floor for all the clothes anyway! You might enjoy the convenience of a floor-drobe, but all that clutter isn’t helping you get the best quality sleep.

Invest in some hooks, which can be used to neatly hang your dressing gowns, jackets and scarves – all the items you’re tempted to sling over the back of a chair when you get home.

Place your laundry basket somewhere in the bedroom, rather than the bathroom, so you can pop in your worn clothes as soon as you get changed. Get out of the habit of whipping off your socks and leaving them on the bedroom floor; everything in the laundry basket!

Finally, put your clean clothes away as soon as they’re dry. Folding and hanging your clothes is a chore, but letting your fresh clothes sit in your bedroom getting stale is a waste of the hard work you put into washing them. The trick is to make it enjoyable, so put on some music and belt out your favourite tunes while you organise your wardrobe.

Hidden storage

Invest in furniture with plenty of space for your bits and bobs. Whether it’s a divan bed with storage underneath or a dressing table with drawers, try to find bedroom pieces which will hide away any unwanted mess and leave your bedroom looking clear, organised and tidy. A neat space is a calm space – perfect for unwinding before bed.

Lots of trinkets on display can gather dust too, and if you’re allergic to dust mites this dirt can play havoc with your sleep. Itching, sneezing and congestion will make drifting off to sleep seem like a distant dream, so make sure to keep on top of your dusting and put away any unused items.


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