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The summer season is finally here and we are enjoying the warmer weather and longer daylight hours. However, those extra hours of sunshine can really disrupt our sleeping patterns.

The body’s natural circadian rhythms are programmed by light. We are biologically predisposed to wake as the sun rises and drop off to sleep when it sets. With the sun rising very early and setting very late during summer months, some of us find it incredibly difficult to get enough hours of sleep under our belt.

So what can we do to maximize our sleep during the sunny season?


Eat your way to sound sleep

Many who suffer from sleep deprivation are unaware of the significance of diet. There is now a plethora of research which shows how certain foods can be sleep-inducing. Eating these foods during the evening can actually improve the quantity and quality of your sleep.

So which foods make up the recipe for a good night sleep?

Packed with magnesium, potassium and tryptophan, bananas are the ideal snack for relaxing the muscles and the brain; the perfect ingredients for winding down into a restful sleep.

If this doesn’t whet your appetite, why not try nibbling on a handful of crunchy almonds? A strong source of protein, almonds stimulate the body’s transition from the adrenaline producing cycle to rest-digest mode.

Or even better, why not combine slices of banana and almonds with a scoop of yoghurt to create a delicious sleep-inducing concoction? Bursting with calcium, dairy products are found to have calming properties, relieving stress by stabilizing the brain’s nerve fibers.

(Remember, leave at least two hours between your evening meal and going to bed to enable the stomach to sufficiently digest its contents!)

Exercise like an expert

Exercise can have a massive impact on sleep quality. One guaranteed technique for ensuring restful, nourishing sleep is to adopt a regulated sleep cycle.

Exercising shortly after waking up may be the key to this. Burning energy first thing causes metabolism to spike, reducing morning fatigue and enabling us to focus concentration during the day. Getting your work-out done at dawn also frees the evening for relaxation and winding down - an important element of getting a good night’s sleep.

Travelling top-tips

Many of us look forward to summer and the opportunity to holiday in a hotter climate. But the process of getting there can be exhausting! Aeroplanes are notorious for being cold and noisy so it is essential to equip yourself with a killer travel kit for making your journey as peaceful as possible.

So what should this include? There are three key components which must be perfectly balanced for sleeping well whilst flying: Temperature, noise and light.

Be sure to pack a warm jumper or blanket to guard against the extreme, icy air conditioning. Grab an eye mask for shutting out the glaring lights dotted throughout the cabin. And finally, bring along a pair of earplugs for drowning out the booming engines powering the plane, not to mention the noise of the other passengers!

Finally what’s the key part of your bedtime routine for optimizing the quality of your sleep over summer? Benenox Overnight Recharge of course...




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